MEDEA supports measuring and control processes in port areas occupied by bulk and other solid goods. Replaces traditional manual methodologies by using aerial georeferenced images (orthophotos) with an application providing measuring and administration tools, connecting with and updating Port databases. Supports queries of all existing deposits by zone, ship, good, client or date ranges, while providing visualization and edition of existing deposits.

It has been developed with the collaboration of the University of Oviedo and the Port of Avilés (Spain), who requested the technological development and established the functions and paramenters MEDEA must include.


Provides important advantages aimed at improving competitiveness:

Workplace safety

Increases workplace safety by reducing the time Port employees spend moving in Port operation areas.

Cost reduction

Sustancial reduction in times needed to measure areas occupied by bulk and other solid goods.


Guarantees measurement traceability, improving protection against client's complaints using a visual database of aerial images covering all dock area.

Other features

Environment monitoring; load/unload operation control and surveillance, etc