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Terrain Technologies Terrain Technologies develops projects and applications based on spatial data (GIS and 3D) turning data into information and knowledge. With a clear international orientation, we have developed projects in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Arab Emirates, Brazil and Mexico.

Being an R&Dintensive firm, we base our strategy in knowledge management and technology. This approach allow us to design solutions focused on solving our client's challenges, so therefore our efforts in research are aligned with their demands and we're currently working in different developments such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (Spatial Big Data), 3D emergency simulations in high risk industrial environments or software tools to support Port Management.


Terrain Technologies provides a wide range of GIS consultancy services to both public and private firms, developing projects and applications related to several fields: transportation, environment, infrastructure development, telecommunications, healthcare, etc.

GIS consultancy and development

Our background in Geographic Information Systems and spatial data management let us provide innovative solutions with a competitive balance between price and quality.

3D Geo Simulations

Terrain Technologies is distributor of Skyline Software Systems, a leading provider in 3D earth visualization software and services, offerings a comprehensive platform of applications, tools and services.

3D Emergency management and training

ESS3D (Emergency Simulation System 3D) provides a solution to the need of implementing new 3D technologies to emergency management and training.





The SkylineGlobe suite of interactive applications allows you to build, view, query and analyze customized, virtual 3D landscapes.

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SIADE SIADE manages records generated by ADC Systems, integrating GIS data (population census, geolocation of existing or potential clients, pollution, gas consumption, etc.).

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MEDEA is a measuring and analysis system based on images whose source are IP cameras or UAV's, georeferenced and rectified to be used for measuring purposes in port areas.

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